The self-flagellating CofE’s inexplicable obsession with race

Sep 10, 2020 by

by Jeffrey Williams, The Conservative Woman:

[…]  Self-flagellation is back in fashion in the national church, with the national adviser on race and ethnicity, Dr Elizabeth Henry, stating: ‘The white-majority Church is not fit for purpose in relation to tackling, addressing, speaking to, and being a serious part of the elimination of racism in society, sadly, because the Established Church is part of the problem. Clergy are educated in a Western-centric theology, not a world-centric theology.’ 

As so often, baffled spectators are left asking what this great wickedness that the Church of England is supposedly complicit in consists of. Ms Adekunle alleges in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that black clergy face ‘injustices’ and discrimination within the church, and as a result are increasingly likely to quit, though no evidence in support of these claims is produced or pointed to.

She continues: ‘I think that we are already seeing a lack of desire of black people wanting to join the church over frustration among black clergy about the injustices they face and a lack of understanding of racial issues – and that’s not just the church, I think that’s been reflected time and time again.’

Evidence please, Ms Adekunle? The Telegraph’s reporter even gets in on the action, noting that ‘just’ 7.8 per cent of those beginning clergy training in 2019 identified themselves as from BAME backgrounds.

In fact though, as the Guardian points out, this 7.8 per cent represents a doubling of the ethnic minority proportion since 2016. So where is the evidence of ‘institutional racism’ here?

It is also important to take into account the demographics of regular churchgoers, from which clergy are drawn, and to bear in mind that many people from ethnic minorities are members of other religions and denominations, so are most unlikely to join the ranks of Anglican clergy.

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