The shocking reality of sex education in Scotland

Aug 28, 2020 by

by Neil Lyndon, The Conservative Woman:

NUTELLA has been trending on Twitter. It is impossible to explain this development in full on The Conservative Woman because the details are so repellent that anyone decent would be hesitant to repeat them and if published on this site would almost certainly draw a GoogleAds violation notice. We can only say that a stomach-churningly horrible connection is being drawn between a chocolate spread and a sexual practice.

Yet it is deemed suitable for schoolchildren by certain sex educationalists and the Scottish Government.

[…] The greatest surprise in this survey, however, is that anybody at all should express approval. Seventeen per cent of respondents thought that the Nutella image was appropriate to illustrate anal sex, but you have to ask: Who on earth are these people that they so have completely lost their sense of decency? By the same token, 16 per cent thought it appropriate that schoolchildren should be shown an image of ‘mature pornography’ involving a Zimmer frame.

The answer must be that those minorities include people of the same cast of mind as those who composed these images for use in schools. Only somebody who was absolutely disconnected from the morality of the majority could see such abominations as fit for purpose. In many aspects of Scottish life, however, a general sense pervades that a self-regarding and insulated minority exercises control and imposes its agenda without regard to the outlook and beliefs of the majority. The results of the SFP’s survey straightforwardly confirm that apprehension. The Scottish Boss Class, composed of Holyrood politicians, media operators and public service employees, speaks with one voice on issues of sexual conduct – the voice of feminised cultural Marxism. The majority of Scots speak a different language.

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