The truth about the ‘teen author’ and the Catholic school

May 6, 2022 by

by Simon Caldwell, TCW:

SINCE Simon James Green, the homosexual author of ‘teen fiction’ was prevented from promoting his latest book at a Catholic secondary school, he has been depicted as a victim, a tragic and misunderstood defender of the rights of LGBT+ children.

Green likes to present himself in this way. It is how he sees himself. In a recent interview with the Guardian, he brushed off objections to the sexually explicit language in his children’s books as ‘a convenient excuse for homophobia’.

But to reduce the objections to his books as merely occasions of ‘homophobia’ is surely misleading. His sexuality is not the issue. Most of the press and the broadcast media have also misled the public into thinking that Green is being picked on solely because he is a ‘gay author’. None has found the courage, honesty or decency to tell the truth about the content of his so-called children’s books and why it is so objectionable.

It fell to the Archdiocese of Southwark, which stepped in to stop Green from visiting John Fisher School for boys in Purley, south London, to select extracts from Green’s books in a press release, setting out exactly why it has to object to them. The press release was ignored.

It is surely ironic that TCW feels unable to print the offensive material which the school considered to be entirely appropriate for children aged 12 upwards. If you wish, you can read it in the archdiocesan press release here.

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PETITION: Ban books promoting the LGBTQ agenda in Catholic schools


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