This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted

Feb 27, 2019 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

MAYBE it was inevitable that once same-sex marriage was on the books, activists would double down on their goal of indoctrinating our children with postmodern notions of sexual experimentation and gender change.

Well, inevitable or not, that’s the stage the sexual revolution has now reached. Under the guise of reducing bullying and improving self-respect, the promotion of ‘family diversity’ has moved into schools with disturbing rapidity. It joins the already prevalent pushing of libertine attitudes to sexuality on to teens.

As of September 2020, Relationships Education will become mandatory in all primary schools in England (both state and independent) and Relationships and Sexual Education will become mandatory in all secondary schools. The government has made no secret that one of the principal aims is to promote the acceptance of LGBT lifestyles and identities, with Ofsted having already placed this controversial agenda at the heart of its school inspection regime.

Parents will retain an absolute right of withdrawal from the subject in primary school but will lose it in secondary school, where head teachers will have the final say. Furthermore, children themselves will be able to overrule their parents from the age of 15.

The loss of this parental right is significant. Until now it has allowed social conservatives to protect their children from school-based indoctrination. It has also protected all pupils insofar as schools have had to operate in the knowledge that parents can withdraw their children if content is outrageous or indecent. With the right gone, there is no meaningful check on the elites’ pursuit of their sexualisation agenda.

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