Three simple ways Mrs May can make a wedding pay

Jun 2, 2018 by

by Harry Benson, The Conservative Woman:

At best, the Government’s approach to marriage is lukewarm; at worst it is downright ambivalent.

On the one hand, the state is terribly interested in marriage. We have strict laws on who can marry and how marriages can end, and we have rules that favour transfers of assets between husband and wife in life and after death.

But on the other hand, our politicians are strangely reluctant to champion the special nature of marriage in public, in contrast to their personal enthusiastic embrace of it.

Then there’s the marriage allowance that allows some couples with one medium earner and one low earner to pay £238 a year less tax. Alas, that won’t persuade anyone to marry when the alternative is a bribe of £7,000 or more in additional tax credits for parents who don’t get married and who can persuade the tax man that they live separately.

So £238 to stay together, £7,000 to stay apart. It doesn’t look good.

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