Transgender CofE minister who was born female reports conservative Christian to the police for branding his marriage to a woman ‘evil and wicked’

Nov 30, 2020 by

by William Cole, Mailonline:

A transgender Christian minister who appeared in a film promoting more LGBTQ tolerance in the church has reported an evangelical Christian over an alleged hate crime.

The Reverend Alex Clare-Young of the United Reformed Church was registered as female at birth but now identifies as a man.

He and his wife, Jo, who is also a minister, appeared in a video clip for Living in Love and Faith that called for improving the participation of LGBTQ people in the Church of England.

The video also contained a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

But the film also attracted the response of Ben John, an evangelical Christian from the conservative group Christian Concern, who posted a 15-minute video rant where he described marriage between anyone other than a man and a woman as ‘evil and wickedness’.

While Rev Clare-Young and Jo are not named in the clip, Mr John uses them as an example, saying: ‘In reality if transgenderism is a false ideology, which it is, then what we’re actually seeing here is a lesbian couple.

‘This man isn’t really a man. She’s a woman. So whilst the Church of England might say yes we haven’t changed the doctrine of marriage, they have changed the practice.’

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