Transgenderism and this insane ban on free speech

Dec 19, 2017 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

The attack on freedom of speech last week in the Welsh Assembly was both shocking and unsurprising at the same time. Gareth Bennett was barred from addressing the Welsh Parliament until he apologises for supposedly ‘offensive, hateful, transphobic comments’. The UKIP member’s crime was to speak in opposition to the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party’s forthcoming ‘Gender Recognition Bill’ in a perfectly civilised and intelligent manner.

If this Bill passes through Parliament and forms a new Gender Recognition Act, it will be one of the most far-reaching Acts of Parliament in the history of the United Kingdom and will fundamentally alter the basis of society as we know it. It will redefine male and female as something that is decided by each person on a moment-by-moment basis rather than as determined by nature according to our chromosomes and anatomy.

Although it is a scientific fact that I am male and a man, the Act will dispense with this as reality: the idea that I am born male will disappear. My maleness will become only a function of my momentary belief. Today I can be a man called David, tomorrow I can be a woman called Davina, the next day I can be a bovine demi-girl called Daisy. If I believe and define myself as female, then I am female: I can use women’s toilets, I can join women-only gyms, I can use women’s changing rooms, I can pay lower insurance tariffs and enter women’s beauty contests, I can stand for election for women’s officer posts. More worryingly, everyone else must accept that I am a woman. If they do not it will be a hate crime punishable by the courts and possibly ending with a prison sentence.

As the events in Cardiff have shown us, it is already effectively a crime with a punishment merely for opposing this Bill even before it has been introduced into Parliament. This should make everyone shudder. Our elected representatives are there to discuss and debate all issues and must have freedom of speech in all issues, but if they now do not have the freedom to oppose proposed legislation then we are living in a totalitarian state.

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