UK: Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism Movement Heralds Growing Realignment

Dec 6, 2017 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

The Church of England faces the biggest threat to its hegemonic position; a backlash as deep as the breach by Wesley and Whitfield with the Church of England in the Eighteenth Century.

Slowly but surely, renewal movements are making inroads into the Church of England even as voices are being raised calling for the disestablishment of the Church.

A number of organizations are pushing for a realignment that Archbishop Justin Welby cannot ignore, cannot stop, and will, over time, force dioceses to rethink their gospel priorities and allegiances. The Church of England is facing the same ecclesiastical and theological conflicts that assailed The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, resulting in tens of thousands leaving TEC, millions of dollars spent on property lawsuits, with dioceses shrinking over TEC’s embrace of pansexuality, same-sex marriage and the failure of progressivism and revisionism (inclusivity and diversity talk) to deliver on new parishioners.

The ReNew conference highlights serious problems in the C of E and it is urging delegates to stand firm for the Gospel. ReNew is a conference organized by the Anglican Mission in England, (AMiE) Church Society, and Reform. The conference is chaired by William Taylor, rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London. St Helen’s stands within the Conservative Evangelical tradition of the Church of England. It has passed resolutions to reject the ordination of women and/or female leadership.

The appointment of Rod Thomas Bishop of Maidstone, a provincial episcopal visitor for conservative evangelical members and parishes of the church, marked a milestone for evangelicals in the CofE who were feeling isolated and disenfranchised. He was ordained to offer encouragement to biblically faithful CofE churches.

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