Undercover video: Google managers admit to suppressing conservative voices

Oct 23, 2020 by

by Patrick Delaney, LifeSite:

Project Veritas released several new undercover videos exposing anti-conservative bias at Google.

A manager at Google affirmed that searches are “skewed by the owners and the drivers of the algorithm” to “play God” in favoring the election prospects of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and harming those of President Donald Trump.

With growing alarms about the enormous ability of “Big Tech” companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to censor and even suppress political speech significantly impacting elections, Project Veritas, a non-profit undercover reporting enterprise, has released two new videos of conversations with Google managers verifying how such suppression is actually implemented.

The first “sting” video featured Ritesh Lakhkar, a technical program manager at Google, as well as Patrick Markan, lead mechanical engineer at Fitbit, a consumer electronics and fitness company currently being bought by Google.

[…]  Using a hidden camera, the Project Veritas reporter visited with Google advertising manager Adriano Amaduzzi, who explained that the organization “can offer free credits, free advertising credits, to Democratic parties for advertising,” and actually stop “right-wing parties from advertising.” And if it is not possible to deny such advertising, they can still pursue their objectives by “reducing the exposure of their ads.”

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