Unholy Alliance

Nov 20, 2023 by

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand:

The West is a civilisation in decline and is confronted by two major cultural movements determined to replace or fundamentally restructure it. We have witnessed our twin nemeses literally on the march since October 7 as militant Islamists and equally radical woke activists have led tens of thousands of the well-meaning on pro-Palestine and anti-Israel marches through our cities.

Militant Islam sees the West as decadent and is determined to supplant us. They are ably assisted by the metropolitan liberal elite who control our institutions, and their foot soldiers of the woke Left. They may seem unlikely bedfellows: the slogan ‘Queers for Palestine’ defies logic when homosexuals are thrown from tall buildings in Palestine. But different as they are, they have a unifying principle: a determination to undermine the culture of Western civilisation. Both ideologies are deeply hostile to individual freedom.

The West faces an existential moment: it is magical thinking to hope the current situation is going to improve if we carry on as usual. Our political class appear to have no greater ambition than managed decline. Here are four areas to promote if we want to survive as an identifiable civilisation.

1 Recognise that we are facing a religious conflict One of the main reasons to fear for the future is that the emerging clash of civilisations is an underlying determination by both ideologies to displace Christianity. What makes it dangerous is that one side fails to recognise this is a religious conflict. The West is rapidly divesting itself of its Christian roots, and today’s secular thinkers forget that the West was a civilisation long before it became modern and that its roots still lie in its Christian foundations.

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