UNICEF Takes Down Controversial Report

May 21, 2021 by

By Alexis I. Fragosa, C-Fam:

UNICEF took down a controversial report from its website, and when it reappeared a few days later, it was carefully edited. The report had asserted that children are unaffected by viewing sexually explicit material.

The United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) recent report “Digital Age Assurance Tools and Children’s Rights Online” concluded that pornography may not always be harmful to children. The report suggested that children could be able to access sexually explicit material according to their age and maturity, and that children have a human right to access pornography online and through sex education.

Shortly after the Friday Fax reported this last week UNICEF removed the report from its website, only to republish a strategically edited report that deletes key statements cited in the Friday Fax, but retains the same positions of the original report.

UNICEF spokesperson Najwa Mekki told the Friday Fax, “UNICEF’s position is unequivocal: No child should be exposed to harmful content online.” But Mekki would not comment on whether UNICEF believes pornography is harmful to children.

UNICEF also declined to comment on the circumstances which led to the removal of the report from its website.

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