‘Vindicated’ preacher to sue Met Police after hate speech case thrown out

Aug 11, 2021 by

by Hayley Dixon, Telegraph:

A Christian preacher is set to sue the Metropolitan Police after being dragged through the courts despite officers acknowledging that her accuser had “goaded” her and she “refused to take the bait”.

Hazel Lewis, 49, was arrested while preaching after passers-by falsely claimed that she had called for gays and non-believers to be stabbed.

Despite providing officers with a recording of the afternoon, which they reviewed and found she had not used racist or homophobic abuse, she was charged with a different offence and dragged through the courts.

Now, after an 18-month legal battle, Miss Lewis has been cleared by a judge, who ruled that there was no case to answer as her words had not been threatening or abusive.

Miss Lewis, who intends to launch legal action against the police, said: “I am delighted that the judge has seen through the lies and has vindicated me.”

‘They were determined to prosecute me no matter what’

She said that the members of the public “wanted to silence me and twist what I was saying” and the police seemed “determined to prosecute me no matter what”.

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