WATCH: Teen with Down’s syndrome challenges Angela Merkel on late term abortion

Sep 13, 2017 by

from SPUC:

Natalie Dedreux asked the German Chancellor why babies with Down’s syndrome can be aborted up until birth.

During a live debate broadcast days before the German election on ARD, the public broadcaster, Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a tough question on the country’s discriminatory abortion laws.

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Why can babies with Down’s syndrome be aborted up to birth?

18 year old Natalie Dedreux from Cologne said: “Mrs Merkel, you are a politician. You make laws. I’m an editor at a magazine for people like me who have Down Syndrome. ”

“Nine out of ten babies with Down Syndrome in Germany aren’t born,” she continued.  “A baby with Down Syndrome can be aborted days before the birth, in what is called ‘late stage abortion.’ My colleagues and I want to know what your opinion on late stage abortion is, Mrs Merkel. Why can babies with Down Syndrome be aborted shortly before birth?

“I don’t want to be aborted, I want to be born,” Miss Dedreux finished, before receiving sustained applause from the audience.

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