We need to talk about trans children

Mar 29, 2022 by

by Jo Bartosch, spiked:

Trans activists want to silence concerns about children’s welfare.

It would be comforting to imagine that the health of children would be a matter beyond the chokehold of the cancel mob – and that questions over the treatment for severely mentally distressed youth would be evidence-based and free from transgender fanaticism. But the recent No Platforming of two experts due to speak at a webinar on gender dysphoria has made it clear that, even within medicine, ideology trumps scientific inquiry.

The online event, originally planned for 16 March, was due to offer a space for people with a wide variety of views to discuss how best to treat children with gender dysphoria. It was organised by staff at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the North East London Foundation NHS Trust. It was aimed at trainees in the field of child psychiatry. But three of the experts booked to speak at the webinar – journalist and author Helen Joyce, psychotherapist and Genspect founder Stella O’Malley, and director of Transgender Trend Stephanie Davies-Arai – were accused of making attendees ‘unsafe’, and their invitations were then withdrawn by organisers.

A group of trainees due to attend the event objected to the inclusion of these three women. The trainees compiled a dossier of allegations against them, claiming that ‘There is no possible way in which this event can be a safe environment for LGBQT+ and especially trans participants’. Quite what risk a group of thoughtful, middle-aged women, talking from behind their laptop screens, posed to attendees remains unanswered.

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