We SUPPORT Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Mar 28, 2018 by


Over the last year, there have been organized efforts to silence Dr. Jordan B. Peterson which include name calling, shout downs, attacks on his income and, most recently, a libelous poster campaign designed & distributed by a known hate-filled group that seems to be entirely obsessed with destroying Dr. Peterson. There is currently a petition to Patreon asking for the removal of Dr. Peterson. I make this petition for one simple reason. I have watched hundreds of hours of his educational and enlightening videos. I have attended his bible series. I have found them incredibly helpful. I have NEVER heard Dr. Peterson say a single thing which would support the attacks being made upon his character. I want to send a simple message to UofT, Patreon, and those responsible for these attacks that I support Dr. Peterson and THAT’S THAT! Care to Join me?

Robin Vermeiren, Change.org

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