We would all, even the atheists, mourn a Britain that lost its faith

Dec 2, 2022 by

by Georgia L Gilholy, Conservative Home:

[…]  An understanding of faith, at the very least, is crucial for addressing national security issues. Despite the growing presence of far-right ideologies, Islamist extremism remains the dominant terror threat in the United Kingdom. 

The decline of religion is a key reason why the average British bureaucrat is incapable of confronting extremist religious sects such as the Salafist Islamism behind many terror groups. The chattering classes cannot acknowledge that transcendent faith could be a reason to commit heinous acts because it has become broadly alien to our lives.

(Christianity is often the exception for such people, as remains the majority faith of the country and for many invokes memories of stale Christingles and school nativities, not rendezvous with the divine.)

Yet the very fact Britain is a place countless people are desperate to live is because our society is permeated by the afterglow of centuries of culture infused with biblical morality. 

Tom Holland, the popular historian, acknowledged in a recent column for UnHerd what few would now dare to: that accepting modern human rights “requires no less of a leap of faith than does a belief in, say, angels, or the Trinity.” The origins of such rights in Britain and beyond are rooted in medieval theology. 

Our laws are indebted to a civilisation’s rich history of biblical doctrines and debate. Without the ordered universe explained in Genesis, there are zero metaphysical underpinnings for universal laws that can operate only within such a framework, one that makes our consideration for human dignity and a consistent moral framework logically possible. 

We already see this violated in other Western nations such as Canada, where citizens are being offered assisted suicide due to poverty or mental illness – policies only possible once a culture has abandoned its acceptance of human equality

The atheist crew likes to sell the idea of a stylish secular future on the premise that things will remain morally similar, despite the fact this has already been proven practically false.

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