Weaponising religious freedom: the risks to Christian and other minorities

Jun 29, 2018 by

from Barnabas Fund.

[…] Many Christians may welcome the Trump administration’s call to defend freedom of religious belief and expression. However, a note of caution or even alarm sounds when governments, particularly with the global trade interests and military weight of the US, declare this kind of campaign. Invoking the cause of religious freedom as a pretext for intervening in the affairs of foreign nations is a risk that history begs us not to ignore…

…Christians are, rightly, deeply concerned about religious freedom. And around the world, it is clear that Christianity and other minority religions are under pernicious attack and persecution in many countries. In a society profoundly altered by the sharp rise of liberal humanist ideologies during the Clinton-Obama era, alongside a creeping intolerance of traditional values, the support given by many American Christians to Donald Trump during his election campaign significantly rested on his pledges to defend freedom of religion in America. We pray that President Trump will not duplicate Constantine’s fatal error of – deliberately or inadvertently – weaponising religious freedom to advance the political interests of his Empire. If Christian religious liberty becomes a “Trojan horse” to further vested secular interests, untold harm to minority religious groups could be the result.

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