Welby’s Church, the woke crackpots’ Trojan horse

May 13, 2022 by

by Gerard Docherty, TCW:

IN recent years we have been subjected to any number of absurd announcements from long-established institutions. Some stray far from the remits of their founding principles. Although sold to us as a natural evolution – because one must move with the times – frequently the causes they espouse are passing fads seeking acceptance. Our once-esteemed pillars of society have been hijacked to help promote ideas, trends and insanities that do not emerge naturally from ordinary people or the institutions they create and support.

Those who believe Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is a lone gunman bent on the destruction of the Church of England will be depressed to learn he represents a deeper, more expansive group embracing ideas at odds with their ostensible mission. The Sunday Express recently outlined the fate of a Church ordinand who regularly appears on GB News, Calvin Robinson. Seeking ordination to the clergy, Robinson is a journalist who espouses broadly conservative views in keeping with his faith. Like many Anglicans he is pro-family, uncomfortable with gay marriage and has spoken out against the endless chatter on the need to ‘decolonise’ Britain.

Senior clergy spoke of his conservative views as incompatible with the Church and its progressive sensibilities. Robinson correctly retorted that his beliefs were more in keeping with the congregations the Church ostensibly served, to no avail. He lost his planned curacy in the Diocese of London and his ordination may not proceed.

The incident highlights a common phenomenon, the way in which our traditional institutions have been skilfully hollowed out to provide the appearance of endorsement of ideas that do not emerge naturally.

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