What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies

Oct 11, 2017 by

by Taylor Fogarty, The Federalist:

Paul, a computer programmer who is currently unemployed, is 38 years old and in the process of “detransitioning,” undoing steps towards the sex change he began a decade ago.

Before “transitioning” from male to female, Paul struggled with dysphoria for years. He remembers his high school days filled with shame over his “girlish” interests and peer groups and struggling with gynecomastia (swollen breast tissue in males), isolation, and confusion. When Paul first learned about transgenderism from an article in his student newspaper, he felt he had found the missing piece.

“I wasn’t deranged or simply gay, but instead I misunderstood what a ‘woman’ was, that the term was entirely social, and that my failure to be accepted as a man was because I was really a woman,” he said. Paul never viewed his transformation as a sex change, but as an escape from his gender.

After moving to San Francisco in search of community and acceptance, Paul, uninsured, stumbled across a community health clinic. Upon his first visit, he was prescribed male-to-female hormones, given very little information on the risks and potential side effects, and told “not to worry” whenever he expressed concern about drugs or long-term side effects.

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