When did love of God, family and country become ‘far right’ and ‘fascist’?

Sep 26, 2022 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Giorgia Meloni has been elected the first woman Prime Minister of Italy, and the media don’t like it. She might be a woman, but she’s the ‘wrong type’ of woman; “not a sister“, as Harriet Harman might say.

She’s on the political right, or ‘far right‘ and ‘fascist‘, according to the UK mainstream media. Of course, such terms are bandied about so loosely these days that they have lost all meaning. “She loves old values and family, she thinks women need better childcare support, she’s Eurosceptic and loves Roger Scruton,” tweeted Alex Phillips, “she’s a working class girl from a single parent family, she backs Ukraine. Her priorities are God, Family, Country.”

She’ll lose a point for ‘God’, of course. And perhaps half a point for Roger Scruton. But it’s curious that a working-class girl from a single parent family who overcomes social adversity and the prejudices of sex to become Prime Minister of Italy isn’t being lauded by the media and fêted by feminists. Instead, she is a model of Mussolini, or a latter-day Hitler, and apparently represents the gravest danger to peace, security, and the European Union.

She isn’t only the wrong type of woman, but the wrong type of Christian; that is, one who takes their faith a bit too seriously. She may have morals, but they are the wrong type of morals. She may have an economic plan for recovery, but it is the wrong plan. She may be popular with the people, but the people are fickle and ignorant. She proclaims: “I am Giorgia, I am a woman, I am Italian, I am Christian. You can’t take this away from me!” And this is deemed to be ‘far right’ by Open Democracy. They also quote an extract from her autobiography:

You see, political correctness is a shockwave, a cancel culture that tries to upset and remove every single beautiful, honourable and human thing that our civilisation has developed. […] It is a nihilistic wind of unprecedented ugliness that tries to homogenise everything in the name of One World. In short, political correctness – the Gospel that a stateless and rootless elite wants to impose – is the greatest threat to the founding value of identities

And this, they say, is “laced with conspiracism and antisemitic overtones”.


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