Where the pro-abortionists get it tragically wrong

Oct 29, 2017 by

by Rob Slane, The Conservative Woman:

One of the slogans used to justify the practice of abortion is this: ‘It’s my body – I can do what I like with it.’ The reasoning is that since the baby is attached to the woman, it is therefore her right to choose what she does with it. Sort of like cutting off a limb, I suppose, although were women to start indulging in that practice, it is doubtful that feminists in general would be rushing to uphold it as a human right.

The usual response from abortion opponents to the ‘It’s my body’ line is to argue that what the woman has inside her is a separate being in his or her own right, and therefore it is not just a part of her body that she has the right to discard.

Both views, I believe, miss the point quite spectacularly.

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