Where were you feminists on World Hijab Day?

Feb 6, 2018 by

by Gary Oliver, The Conservative Woman:

[…] In the same week that the attractive young women who willingly acted as darts walk-ons and Formula 1 grid girls had that choice taken from them because, to quote Sally Howard, their roles were ‘demeaning broadly to women’, there was the grim irony of February 1 being a liberal celebration of World Hijab Day, which passed with not a squeak of protest from the feminist lobby. On the contrary, at a time when women in the Middle East who discard the mandatory headscarf are doing so at great personal risk, Scottish politicians were simultaneously adding individual messages to the slogan ‘I support #WorldHijabDay because . . .’

Most contributors relied upon some variation of the fallacious mantra ‘It’s a woman’s right to choose’. Nationalist MSP John Mason did go further, declaring that ‘[The hijab’s] aim is to encourage modesty and self-control: good values!’ – a view which, for a Left-wing politician, seems wildly judgemental. In what purported to be solidarity with their Islamic sisters, some Holyrood women even donned the hijab, including Conservative – that’s Conservative – MSP Annie Wells, pictured fully swathed and brandishing her hand-written message ‘Everyone has a choice’. Except that in much of the Islamic world, women patently do not.

We are of course accustomed to pusillanimous politicians, otherwise in thrall to feminist ideology, giving Islam a free pass. But while women in Tehran are being arrested for casting off their obligatory head-coverings, such trite gestures celebrating the hijab are contemptible.

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