Why Britain needs to engage with Marriage Week

Feb 8, 2018 by

by Harry Benson, TCW:

Just over a year ago, a US think tank called the Social Trends Institute published some robust international research that showed that Britain has the lowest level of family stability in the developed world.

Among families with 12-year-old children, the British youngsters were more likely than those in any other developed country to have experienced the movement of more than one adult out of or into their home.

In other words, Britain languishes at the bottom of the league of shame.

Pick virtually any other social indicator you care to mention – poverty, social mobility, education, housing, drugs, health – and this kind of news would dominate the media and political agenda for months, if not years.

Instead, after a handful of appearances by the report’s author in the UK media early last year, we’ve not heard another dicky bird about this.

Fast forward a few months to the general election and you might think this would make it into the party election manifestos. No chance. Zip. Not one word.

We know that nearly half of all our teenagers are not living with both parents, and that the number one predictor of teenage mental health problems is family breakdown.

And this is not a subject worthy of comment?

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