Women are waking up to the dangers of the pill – it’s time society did the same

Mar 24, 2023 by

by Georgia L Gilholy, Conservative Home:

A new Oxford study has concluded that all forms of hormonal contraception used by women increase breast cancer risk by a quarter.

While Cancer Research, the charity that funded it, said the findings ought not to dissuade women from using such medication – and millions of British women already have – the backlash has already begun.

The paper concluded that out of every 100,000 women between ages 16 and 20 who use hormonal birth control, there will be an extra eight instances of breast cancer compared to those who avoid hormonal contraception entirely; for 35 to 39-year-old women, the number swells to a further 295 cases of breast cancer per 100,000.

Of course, life itself is laced with risk. Any one of us could step outside tomorrow morning and be hit by a car or struck by lightning. And unlike leaving the house, taking hormonal contraception is, of course, optional.

But social glorification of the pill’s allegedly liberating consequences has too long stifled debate about its impacts.

An equally huge technological watershed, the internet, has lately facilitated an explosion of interest in the topic. The hashtags #gettingoffbirthcontrol and naturalbirthcontrol have garnered almost 75 million views collectively on TikTok alone.

While some have suggested this is a socially-conservative movement, in reality it involves women of a variety of political and religious peruses (and none) realising their health has been unfairly compromised.

Last October, bombshell figures from top firm Stowe Family Law found that 63 per cent of women stopped using some form of contraception due to its impact on their relationship, and nine in 10 women on hormonal birth control said they had experienced a change in their mental or physical health.

There is even evidence that hormonal contraception changes who women are attracted to.

Is it any surprise? Such medications are often ingested as a matter of convenience, but they contain powerful hormones which are intended to impact our biology and behaviours.

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