Australia’s gay marriage plebiscite

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‘No’ campaign commercial has been banned from airing until late, Daily Mail Australia

Shock horror! Sydney Anglicans are committed to the marriage debate! by David Ould

Former gay activist backs ‘no’ campaign, The West Australian

‘Christians are Nazis’: Church sprayed with vile graffiti telling people to ‘bash bigots’ and ‘crucify No voters’, Daily Mail Australia

I’m same-sex attracted and I’m voting No by James Parker, MercatorNet

Have Aboriginal people been consulted about same-sex marriage? by Xavier Symons, MercatorNet

The ongoing offence of the Gospel and of Sydney Anglican Diocese, Murray Campbell

‘Freedom of speech challenged’ as No campaign denied bookings, The Australian

World’s Anglican bishops punish Scottish Episcopal Church over same-sex marriage, Herald Scotland

CANTERBURY: GAFCON Primates weigh walking out of Anglican Summit by David Virtue, VOL

Ironies, Twists and Turns in the Australian SSM Campaign, Crisis Magazine

Big early response in Australia gay marriage vote, Daily Mail

Australia gay marriage vote: MPs who oppose same-sex marriage told to pretend to support changing the law in public,

‘Burn churches not queers’ – ‘Yes’ campaign turning Australians against gay marriage, Daily Mail Australia

The fake debate about fake marriage,

So much for equal marriage! Daily Mail Australia

Documenting the tide of bigotry and hatred, MercatorNet

‘End of your business’: Skywriting company behind ‘Vote No’ in Sydney sky cops backlash, Yahoo

Australian mum receives death threats for supporting traditional marriage, Christian Institute

‘It’s not okay to vote No’: Boss fires worker over same-sex marriage views, ABC Australia

Coalition to oppose marriage equality at next election if no vote wins, Guardian Australia

Harassment has now reached new heights, Daily Telegraph Australia

Yes campaigners show their true colours by Miranda Devine, Daily Telegraph Australia

Cory Bernardi warns marriage equality will lead to ‘legal warfare’ against opponents, Guardian

Australian law bans speech vilifying opponents in gay ‘marriage’ debate, LifeSite

Police brought in after marriage equality survey forms put up for sale online, Guardian

Same-sex marriage debate: ‘I’m no homophobe but I fear for vulnerable children’, Sydney Morning Herald

The evil behind the rainbow, Daily Mail Australia

Subversion, liberty, and ‘marriage equality’ by David Van Gend, MercatorNet

Tony Abbott on why same sex marriage would fundamentally change society, Sydney Morning Herald

Australia gay marriage debate highlights church divisions, Mailonline

Coalition disgust over ‘vile filth’ tweets of gay vows campaigner, The Australian

SSM: Malcolm Turnbull urges Australians to say yes as thousands in Sydney rally, abc news

Why the Argument for Same-Sex Marriage is Not Sound by John Ozolins,

LGBTIQ Aussies have worries about gay marriage too, Telegraph Australia

The Fruits Of Same-Sex Marriage by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Australian Muslims avoid same-sex marriage debate for fear of backlash, Christian Daily

Doctors opposed to gay marriage accused by their medical colleagues, Daily Mail Australia

What’s changed in Britain since same-sex marriage? by David Serjeant, Spectator Australia

Major TV channel uses fake anti-LGBT poster to push gay ‘marriage’, LifeSite

Australian court dismisses challenge to gay marriage survey, AP

Court hears legal challenge against Australia’s equal marriage vote by Nick Duffy, Pink News

‘Silent majority’ finds voice, The West Australian

PM seeks ‘plan C’ if marriage vote killed, The Australian

Petition against ‘No’ doctor removed, Sunshine Coast Daily

Woman doctor who appeared in ‘no’ ad for gay marriage vote subjected to a campaign to have her stripped of her medical licence by Nic White, Daily Mail Australia

Truth the first casualty of same-sex marriage bullies by Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Here’s some examples of the ‘respectful debate’ Australia has been having on same-sex marriage,

Pro-SSM campaign is trying to impose an ideology, The Australian

Anglican Unscripted:  Kevin Kallsen and George Conger discuss recent events in Australia, including the plebiscite

Leader of the ‘no’ case for legalising gay marriage reveals vicious campaign of harassment by those who want Australia to vote ‘yes’, Mailonline

Mother in anti-gay marriage ad DID complain about her son being told he could wear a dress to school a YEAR ago – so why did the principal say he only found out this week?, Mailonline

Same-sex marriage: City of Sydney launches ‘vote yes’ campaign to mostly positive response, abc news

Education minister should do his homework by Andrew Mullins, MercatorNet

‘No’ mums hit back against bullying after ad against same-sex marriage airs and say they have been demonised for their views,

But it’s all about equality, right? by Mark Powell, Spectator Australia

Watch:  Brendan O’Neill on gay marriage

‘Total rubbish’: Anti-gay marriage ad ridiculed by pro-choice Aussies, Newsline

Not all equality is equal by David Ould

The same-sex marriage brigade need to be humbled by Stephen Chavura, Spectator Australia

Australia: Dealing With Objections From Homosexual Marriage Advocates by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

Workplace intimidation silences lawyers critical of same-sex marriage by Chris Merritt, The Australian

Should conservatives rally ‘round the rainbow flag? by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Catholics defy church leadership to become biggest backers of same-sex marriage: poll, Sydney Morning Herald

Does same-sex marriage promote gay health? by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

‘Extraordinary’: 100,000 new voters join electoral roll as last-minute surge buoys ‘yes’ campaign, Sydney Morning Herald

Homosexuals Against Homosexual Marriage by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch

Australian Medical Association Critiqued for Misleading Australian Public and Medics, Coalition for Marriage

Australia may legalize gay ‘marriage,’ and the media won’t let conservatives speak by Dorothy Cummings McClean, LifeSite

A re-education crusade in Australia after same-sex marriage?  MercatorNet

Australia’s same-sex marriage plebiscite: oceans of assertion, and puddles of proof by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Doctors accuse Australian Medical Association of misleading public on ‘marriage equality’, MercatorNet

Conservatives prevail to hold back the tide on same-sex marriage by Dennis Altman, The Conversation




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