Renewed orthodox Anglicanism?

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General Synod has crossed the line – first open letter published on Anglican Ink on 18 July

Reports and comment:

Watch:  Anglican Unscripted with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

New Anglican cracks emerge as rebel clergy say Synod ‘crossed a line’ on sexuality issues, James MacIntyre, Christian Today [features quotes from some signatories, and also some moderates who feel that as long as formal doctrine eg on marriage is not changed, all is well].

Statement from Bishop Primus of the Free Church of England

Conservative Anglicans are close to despair. Is the C of E about to split? By Andrew Sabisky, Catholic Herald


Second letter, published in the Telegraph on 25 July and launching the The Movement for a Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism on Anglican Live website

Reports and comment: most recent at the top:

Church in revolt, by Peter Mullen, CEN

Anglican Unscripted: Call for C of E reforms exploding

Leaving the denomination (an account of a congregation leaving the Church of Scotland), by

Alternative Synod? By Peter Sanlon, Evangelicals Now

Open letter call to the Archbishop of York for repentance, from the PCC of St John, Newland, Hull

Anglican conservatives rally support for traditionalists with online letter, by Mark Woods, Christian Today

Anglican Unscripted #311 – Call for CofE reforms exploding with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

Queen’s former chaplain leads rebel Anglican group threatening to split Church over sexuality issues, Christian Today

Bad Bishops – Podcast from Peter Ould referencing this essay by Ephraim Radner

The two opposed expressions of Anglicanism by Archbishop Cranmer

Queen’s former chaplain leads vicar rebellion over gay marriage, Telegraph

Anglican Unscripted #310 – Fractures starting in the CofE, with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

New Church of England revolt warning, Premier

Traditionalists slam House of Bishops – Letter to the Telegraph, from Anglican Ink

Conservative Evangelicals speak of alternative ‘structures’ to rival C of E in post-Synod statement, Church Times (£)


Other related articles

England’s orthodox Anglicans: agreed on Synod’s implications, divided on what to do, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

The mythical middle, by Peter Jensen, Gafcon

Don’t jump ship yet: Rachel Marszalek opposes the idea of a new jurisdiction, Church Times


For reference: a selection of information and comment on the July 2017 General Synod motions on sexuality here

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