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Highlights from 13/11/2018 to 27/11/2018, selected by the Editor:

A pastoral fantasy – or could it happen? By Andrew Symes, CEN.
A very short story: a routine marriage preparation session results in an extraordinary conversation about the gospel and the meaning of life.

Brexit – now what? By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. To me, primary teachings of the Christian faith seem much more clear-cut than the answer to our political impasse, which needs some humility and compromise.

On why conservatives remain conservative, by Martin Davie, Justyn Terry and Chris Wright, CEEC. Three respected evangelical theologians explain that they still believe in the historic teachings of the church on sex and marriage, because they have applied Scripture and reason to the revisionist arguments and find them unpersuasive.

When does a cathedral stop being a cathedral?, by Gavin Ashenden. Comment from Gavin and others on the Remembrance Day concert featuring the Islamic call to prayer (declaration that Allah is the only God and Mohammad is his prophet) in Blackburn Cathedral.

Church of England attendance stats 2017, by David Keen, Opinionated Vicar. Analysis of the latest evidence of numerical decline.

Is cultural Marxism really a myth? By Peter Franklin, unherd.
For some, there is a clear connection between the ideas of radical Marxist intellectuals and their plans more than 50 years ago to take over Western institutions, and today’s sexual revolution in society, and control of speech and thought (especially on campuses). For others, this is a right-wing myth.

“A pure genocide”: Extremist persecution of Christians, by Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute. Focussing on Nigeria.
See also many recent articles on the acquittal of Asia Bibi in Pakistan.

Transgender latest. More articles help to understand the crisis as society’s leaders embrace gender myths, internet-fuelled gender-dysphoria crazes among children lead to an epidemic of ‘transition’, and parents and others who question this madness are silenced.

Pseudonyms to protect authors of controversial articles, by Martin Rosenbaum, BBC. Even the BBC is now highlighting the threat to academic freedom from the intolerant guardians of political correctness. Followed by a number of articles on the same theme.

Pastoral Letter and Pastoral Directive from the Bishop of Albany on same-sex marriage, published by Anglican Ink. One of the last remaining conservative Bishops in TEC bravely refuses to implement the recent directive to permit same sex marriage in all Dioceses, and attacks the LGBT agenda as a deception of satan.

Is God gender-neutral? Some carefully worded remarks by the Archbishop of Canterbury on his experience of God as Father, and the nature of God in relation to our debates about gender, have provoked comment in the Guardian, Mail and Pink News, among others…

Why I’m saying ‘bah humbug’ to Polly Toynbee’s ignorant anti-Christian crusade, by David Robertson, Premier. The Guardian journalist alleges that the innocent practice of children sending shoeboxes full of gifts to disadvantaged children in the global South is in fact a sinister plot to spread bigotry. The Wee Flea responds in typically trenchant style.

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Archbishop Peter Jensen says:
I love the name, ‘Anglican Mainstream’. It’s a constant reminder that what it stands for is in the middle of the Scriptures and the tradition of the Church Catholic. The stream of articles on the website means that there are things worth reading every day. And we are constantly being reminded that common-sense and good reason is supportive of the Scriptural teaching.  We are in a great contest over what it is to be human and Mainstream is both keeping us up to date and equipping us. I like the editorials, too!

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