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Highlights from selected by the Editor:

Relationships and sex education: please be informed, pray and act to preserve parental rights and protect children from increasing LGBT propaganda and sexual grooming. See our collection of articles, petitions and campaigns. 
Government appoints first National Advisor for LGBT health, from GOV.UK [Of interest to Anglicans: Jayne Ozanne is appointed to the LGBT Advisory Panel, an initiative no doubt leading to increasing government pressure on churches.]Government challenged over arrest of street preacher, from Christian Concern. More evidence that the Nigerian-born evangelist was mistreated by police, who then tried to cover it up. 

A review of ‘Pastoral Principles for Living Well Together’. Martin Davie analyses the addendum to the latest progress report from Living in Love and Faith, and concludes that it is “dishonest… lacking in balance… deeply flawed”.

Gafcon Chairman’s March Letter: Archbishop Nicholas Okoh reflects on the recent conference in Dubai for Anglicans from nations where Christians are persecuted.The scandalous academy: social science in service of identity politics, by Scott Yenor, Public Discourse. More critique of the way political correctness is making objective research more difficult.

Can British Anglicanism reinvent itself as counter-cultural movement? By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Report of the recent Jesmond Conference on the future of the Church of England.

Crossing divides: transgender and Christianity. From BBC Sounds: An edited version of a wide ranging conversation between Andrew Symes from Anglican Mainstream and Kristian Wheeler, who has transitioned from a woman to a man and is Chair of the local Gay Pride. The discussion took place in the studios of Radio Wiltshire in Swindon.

Defending freedom of choice around sexual identity, from Core Issues Trust. Mike Davidson debates with Jayne Ozanne before a live audience in Northern Ireland.

Absent fathers have a ‘significant impact’ on behaviour of young people, by Martin Beckford, MailOnline

Thanksgiving for the life of Michael Green, by Andrew Symes and Chris Shell, Anglican Mainstream. Report on the funeral of the great evangelist, pastor and scholar which took place on March 2nd.


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If you find these updates useful, please tell others so they can benefit from fortnightly highlights of news and comment. They can sign up here.Archbishop Peter Jensen says:
I love the name, ‘Anglican Mainstream’. It’s a constant reminder that what it stands for is in the middle of the Scriptures and the tradition of the Church Catholic. The stream of articles on the website means that there are things worth reading every day. And we are constantly being reminded that common-sense and good reason is supportive of the Scriptural teaching.  We are in a great contest over what it is to be human and Mainstream is both keeping us up to date and equipping us. I like the editorials, too!

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