Centuries-old uniform code dropped as school embraces ‘gender fluidity’

Jan 21, 2016 by

From TES: A top private school has scrapped its traditional uniform to accommodate gender dysphoric pupils. Brighton College said it had dropped the 170-year-old code to meet the needs of pupils who did not feel comfortable identifying with their biological sex. The school is introducing a “trouser uniform” and a “skirt uniform” for pupils up to age 16. Girls who have gender dysphoria will be able to wear a tweed blazer, tie and trousers, while dysphoric boys will be...

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Ramadan exam move a mistake, says Ofsted boss

Jan 15, 2016 by

By Eleanor Harding, Mailonline: Exam timetables should not be arranged to accommodate fasting Muslim pupils during Ramadan, the head of Ofsted said yesterday. Sir Michael Wilshaw argued that organising GCSE and A-level exams to fit in with religious festivals set a ‘difficult precedent’. He warned that making allowances for one religious group could mean others ‘pile in’ and ask for similar concessions. His comments follow revelations that exam boards took Ramadan into account when they...

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Liberal fascism grows ever stronger in our universities

Jan 11, 2016 by

by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman: Why are many university students these days so opposed to freedom of speech? Why are authoritative speakers as diverse as David Starkey and Germaine Greer being perceived as intellectual pariahs? What has convinced so many that the best argument against the views of Donald Trump is to refuse him access to the UK, to stop him speaking? Why has the ‘gag’ become the new argument of choice on our campuses? For a society that has defined itself, to a large...

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Summer exams will not be fitted around Ramadan, confirm boards

Jan 8, 2016 by

By Richard Adams, Guardian: This summer’s timetable for GCSE and A-levels is fixed and will not be changed to further accommodate Muslim pupils who may be fasting despite recent media reports, examination boards have said. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), which represents the major exam agencies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, said there had been a “clear misunderstanding in some parts of the media” over the 2016 exam schedule after it announced that the timetable had taken...

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Schools must teach children that Britain is a Christian country

Dec 28, 2015 by

By Steven Swinford, Telegraph: Schools must teach pupils that Britain is a Christian country and are entitled to prioritise the views of established religions over atheism, the Education Secretary has said. Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, today publishes new guidance to non-faith schools which makes clear that they do not need to give “equal parity” to non-religious views. It comes after humanists won a landmark High Court victory which found that the Education Secretary had...

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American Universities begin to implode

Dec 24, 2015 by

By Denis Prager, Frontpage Magazine: For over half a century, American universities, with few exceptions, have ceased teaching and begun indoctrinating. In the last few weeks, this downhill spiral has accelerated. The university is now a caricature of an educational institution. It is difficult to come up with an idea or policy that is more absurd than the ideas and policies that now dominate American campuses. The University of California, once an elite public institution, now circulates a...

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