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Editor’s note: Reflecting underlying conflicts in worldviews, Christians are increasingly divided on which political party – and leader – can best set a course for justice, peace, reconciliation, and continued freedom for the preaching of the gospel and promotion of its values. This collection features articles from different sides of the political divides, to assist in understanding the complexities, and to motivate intercession.

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Was the US Election Stolen? by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute

Here are the three endgame scenarios for this election – Dinesh D’Souza

Is Trump right to proclaim that there was widespread voter fraud? by Catherine Blaiklock, Salisbury Review

Postal voting – a recipe for fraud by Vlod Barchuk, The Conservative Woman

Biden poised to overturn religious-liberty protections, World Net Daily

How has so much American evangelicalism become so distorted? by  Alan Storkey

Christians, Conscience, and the Looming 2020 Electionby Albert Mohler

How the Biden plan will increase abortions, decimate religious charity, by Laura Bryant Hanford, Christian Post

What the 2020 electorate looks like by party, race and ethnicity, age, education and religionby John Gramlich, Pew Research

When 100 percent of the Democrats vote against Amy Coney Barrettby Michael Brown, LifeSite:

John Piper warns against Trump; Bill Muehlenberg respondsEditor’s note: These two articles reflect the depth and seriousness of the debate occurring among faithful believers in the US and around the world as the election approaches

Batting for Biden: the BBC and the US electionby Robin Aitken, The Critic

Here’s proof Trump is trying to lead America back to Godby John-Henry Westen, LifeSite:

Video:  Courageous Priest Speaks out about abortion and marriage policies in the forthcoming election

Why so many voters support Donald Trump: a letter to baffled non-Americans by Robert Hutchinson, MercatorNet

Biden, Trump and the Great Evangelical Disasterby David Robertson, Christian Today

Young people leaving Church because Christianity is judgmental and alienating, Hillary Clinton says, by Leonardo Blair, Christian Post

After ‘that’ debate, why do so many evangelicals strongly support Trump? by Michael Brown, Christian Today

Your Neighbor’s New Creed: ‘In This House, We Believe . . .’ by Brett McCracken, The Gospel Coalition

The battle for the soul of America, by Frank Furedi, spiked

Will Catholics be kingmakers in the US? by Christopher Rhodes, UnHerd

AMY CONEY BARRETT: An Esther Come to the Kingdom? by Stephen Noll

Cowardice of the conservatives who hold their noses at ‘vulgar’ Trump | The Conservative Woman

How a Biden presidency would unleash Christian persecution, LifeSite

A Christian Case for Not Voting for Either Presidential Candidate in 2020 by Brandon McGinley, Public Discourse

Public Discourse: Two articles set out the case for and against Trump

Both Are In The Same Church, But Media Love Joe Biden’s Faith And Hate Amy Coney Barrett’sby Ellie Reynolds, The Federalist

The Normalization of ContemptFrom Will travel with Kids blog

Anglican Archbishop Addresses Culture Wars, Church, Politics and Race in a Time of COVIDby David W Virtue, DD, Virtueonline:

Elections Have Positive Consequences for Religious Liberty at the EEOC by Peter Sprigg, FRC

Both Are In The Same Church, But Media Love Joe Biden’s Faith And Hate Amy Coney Barrett’s by Ellie Reynolds, The Federalist

The Left’s anti-Christian Dogma Is Already Living Loudly within Them by Tony Perkins, FRC

Franklin Graham’s Prayer March & Jonathan Cahn’s ‘The Return’ Aim to Keep USA From ‘Point of No Return’, by Paul Strand, CBN News

Christians against Trumpism, from Ron Sider’s blog

How to steal an election by Chris Farrell, Part 1 and Part 2

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want to “Codify Roe,” Making Abortions Legal Up to Birth Nationwide by Steven Ertelt, Life News

The American Left is looking increasingly extreme: How would Joe Biden’s radicalised supporters react to a Trump victory in November? By Justin Webb, unherd

American Worldview Inventory 2020 – ‘The Election is about worldview’, from Cultural Research Centre, Arizona Christian University

Jesus isn’t on the ballot. That doesn’t mean Christians can opt out. By Shane Claiborne, Religion News Service

Voting my conscience in this election may mean staying home, by Peggy Wehmeyer, Religion News Service

Trump promises to ‘fully defund’ Planned Parenthood if he wins electionby Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite

Over 300 LGBT leaders endorse Biden for president : ‘The most pro-equality ticket in US history’by Lauren Vella, The Hill

Abortion: How do Trump and Biden’s policies compare? BBC

Trump’s Religious Freedom Record Is a Stubborn Fact by Travis Weber, FRC

Trump Puts Fed Wokeness to Sleep by Tony Perkins, FRC

Put Not Your Trust in Princes (nor in Republicans), by Cameron Hilditch, National Review: “…a significant plurality of white Evangelicals in the United States have become obsessed with the cultural and political power and esteem of the Christian faith. In doing so, they have neglected the far more important call to internal soulcraft issued by the Founder of the religion they profess.”

Former Dem vote ‘fixer’ says election fraud rampant, will spark ‘war’ in November by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite

Who Can Quiet the Riot? by Tony Perkins, FRC

‘Not normal’: US senator lays out dangerous connections linking US-wide mob action by Monica Showalter, LifeSite

Franklin Graham warns socialist left will ‘close the Church down’: ‘The storm is coming’ by Ryan Foley, Christian Post

Over 300 LGBT leaders endorse Biden for president : ‘The most pro-equality ticket in US history’, The Hill

Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend by Wayne Grudem, The Stream

Why We Are Where We Are, by George Weigel, First Things: It is very difficult, if not impossible, to imagine either major presidential candidate, on January 20, 2021, echoing the sentiments of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. One candidate could not do so credibly because, whatever his personal amiability or claim to moderation, his party is committed to the inherent divisiveness of woke identity politics, and some of its most visible members loathe the idea that the American democratic experiment is a worthy one. The other would almost certainly not do so because magnanimity seems alien to his character and exacerbating division has become his habitual method of governance….…How did we get here?”


A Limited Case For Trump, by Brian Jones, The American Conservative: “Trump’s tweets may be vulgar, crass, and un-presidential. But a limited defense of Trump does not rest upon his virtue, or even lack thereof. The fundamental concern within the tradition of classical political philosophy is not whether everyone can be a philosopher, even a sitting president. Instead, the issue is whether the very conditions of philosophy would still be possible.”


A tragic choice: Neither Trump nor Biden can move the US forwardBy Sean Collins, Spiked: “Biden and the Democrats are politically vulnerable here. Along with the major media, they have been loath to utter a word about riots and crime, for fear of tarnishing Black Lives Matter and playing into Trump’s hands…[Meanwhile] Trump’s heavy-handed responses…and fiery rhetoric tends to inflame, rather than calm, these situations. In the eyes of many, especially the Republican voters in the suburbs who he wants to hang on to, Trump does not restore ‘order’ – in fact, he seems to be the instigator of disorder.”


Black and White evangelicals once talked about ‘racial reconciliation.’ Then Trump came alongBy Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post: “White evangelicals are more likely to see racism as an individual problem, rather than a byproduct of societal and systemic racial inequalities…some White evangelicals decry terms like “social justice” and “critical race theory” as incompatible with orthodox Christianity because they think those concepts could encourage believers to see the world outside biblical parameters. Many White evangelicals want their pastors to focus sermons on the Gospel and believe preaching on racism is a distraction.”


What Will Replace the Police? Ten Historical Examples, by Robert Oscar Lopez, The American Thinker: Protests have become linked in Americans’ minds with riots.  The organization seen as leading these demonstrations was Black Lives Matter (BLM), whose premier issue was defunding or abolishing the police…The Democrats have wedded themselves to Black Lives Matter and Antifa…Let’s see which of these historical examples most resembles what will happen in America…”


Falwell, fundamentalism and fatal attraction, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline: “Falwell’s very public alliance with Trump may have opened the eyes of many fundamentalists and evangelicals that conservative politics and evangelical Christianity is not the Good News of Scripture.”


A Review of Michael Brown’s ‘Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass The Trump Test?’  by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: “…this book shows us that Brown is not being one-eyed. He is fully aware of the many weaknesses and deficiencies in Trump. He also understands that politics is not everything. But he is also a biblical realist, knowing that in a fallen world we are not dealing with perfect people, but with quite flawed people…in this book Brown shows us how utterly contrasting our two main options are.”

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